The First Day of Summer

I have two seasons in my life. Summer and winter. This is not because I live in Texas. Texas’ seasons are summer and unpredictable. Winter is my season of being in an active loving relationship. We cook and take camping adventures. There’s lots of kayaking and bike rides and beer. This year there was even a little wedding planning! Then there is summer. Summer is the season of semi-singlehood. I’m not single (clearly), and yet even though on Monday I only had half a closet now I have the whole thing. The fishing rods have been moved to the corner and no one’s left their empty Gatorade bottles everywhere. Love bird nest turned girly household of one. Note bobby pins and wine glasses appearing more frequently.

It’s annoying because even though Austin is hotter than Hades I love summer. Hello outdoor movies! Hello Barton Springs! Hello drinking outside ALL THE TIME. Hello ice cream! The summer solstice (first day of summer) is something I’ve always looked forward to, especially as it’s right around my mother’s birthday but what’s become my first day of summer is a real bitch.

Plus wedding planning isn’t as fun when it’s not annoying your partner.


Winter in Texas, Say What?!

I remember winter power outages from childhood. The ice storms or blizzards would down trees and kill the power across the state. Here in Austin it’s a whole other story. It appears for the first time this winter season people have actually turned on their heat here in Austin, therefore causing rolling black outs across the city. People turning their heat on, caused power outages. Unfortunate irony. Now them people got no heat. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen in my neighborhood.

This is how people across the US are feeling.