It’s a Great Day in the Neighborhood!

This is a great day for quality entertainment.


Started the day with the tribute show for Car Talk co-host, Tom Magliozzi, who passed away on November 3rd. It was a great compilation on Tom’s jokes and laughs.

Wait Wait Dont Tell Me

Followed that with Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! which was recorded this week in Austin! I wish we had been there in person but hearing Dale Watson describe Chicken “Poop” Bingo to the Peter Sagal was pretty satisfying.


To finish off the day I’ll be catching Rosie and the Ramblers first show at the Continental Club. It’s going to be a good one!


Too Hot!

Things in my life that are too hot to handle: 

1. This weather- I would show you a picture of the forecast but apparently there’s a ten percent chance of rain this week. Normally just shows me pictures of hot blinding suns with “High: 100F” underneath each one. 

2. Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival- I feel torn about saying this but I don’t think I could ever handle another Hot Sauce Festival. I swore it off three years ago after it was 112F that day but I tried it again yesterday because Rosie and the Ramblers were playing. Yeah, that was fun and all but my North Carolina body simply isn’t made to sweat like that. I was drinking ice water constantly but I still feel dehydrated. You should try Mikey V’s salsa though. So fresh tasting!


Rosie’s too hot to handle! Photo Credit: John Anderson, Austin Chronicle


3. Omni Fight Club- Tried cardio kickboxing this morning and am feeling so beat! That was a very sweaty experience. My friend is trying to convince me to keep going but I’m going to have to see how tomorrow goes. The soreness could be more than I can handle. Also, in my defense I did ride my bike to the class. 

How to Handle the Heat: 

1. Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit Vodka & Topo Chico- very refreshing! A squeeze of lime is essential with this drink.

2. Domino’s Pizza- When you don’t leave your house, the heat can’t get you. Don’t be disturbed when you eat half the pizza for dinner by yourself and the other for lunch the next day. Blame the heat!

3. Watching old episodes of True Blood. Laying in bed watching Eric Northman will get you through any rough times. 


Also, I’m desperately craving cheddar cheese (I can’t explain this either), but I have no desire to go outside. If anyone does cheese delivery, please come on by. 

And… just googled “cheese delivery”. Apparently this is a thing in Montreal. Let’s all do our part to bring it to Austin. K, Thanks.


Perks of the Semi-Single Life: Rosie and the Ramblers

One of the perks of the semi-single life this year has been that I’ve caught two Rosie and the Ramblers shows in the last couple weeks. They play at the White Horse every other Monday night but I never make their shows as they play at midnight (doesn’t anyone have a day job anymore?!). So it’s a treat to catch them on the weekend or at a reasonable hour (now I just sound old).

I first saw Rosie and the Ramblers play because the Alaskan boy’s brother played in the band. I immediately developed a friend crush on the front woman, Selena. I don’t think anyone can watch her play without also having this issue. It’s hard not to notice the intensity and far away looks she croons her powerful ballads with and every sassy song is performed with an undeniable smirk. You get the feeling she’s laughing at her own joke when she sings funny tunes like Minivan and you’ll probably be laughing with her. Her songs are well-written and poignant, sung from a surprisingly powerful voice.

So, to sum this up this is one of the perks of my summer and it should be yours too. Check it out! New album, Whatever You Need, coming out in May!


Have Y’all Been to the White Horse Yet?

I am a fan of all things East Side Austin. Current fave music venue on the east side is definitely the  new and always packed White Horse. Hole in the Wall regulars followed their favorite bartender Dennis O’Donnell to his new bar (as in he owns it, not just tends bar), White Horse. This place has been packed from the git-go. I went the first night they had liquor (actually not the first night they were open strangely enough) and was instantly charmed by the comfortably large dark space. I watched two separate ceiling panels fall on customers but each of these incidents was handled quickly and with whiskey. Since then the ceiling seems to remain in tact. Better luck next time, folks.

For a crowded place, it rarely feels uncomfortably packed. There’s a small but good selection of beers on tap as well as bottled beers. Lonestars and whiskey rule the roost. The dance floor is kept busy with two-steppin’ fools and other follies. Check out regular players: Mike and the Moonpies  or Rosie and the Ramblers.

This weekend I was lucky enough to see White Ghost Shivers. I think this video speaks for itself.

Yes, that banjo player is 7 feet tall.