Domestic Goddess Over Here

At some point since I started blogging recipes and posting an insane amount of meals and food on Instagram some of my friends and family started acting like I know what I’m doing. It seems ridiculous I know, but it keeps happening! I don’t want to dissuade anyone from this incredible idea that I DIY well but… let’s be honest here. I just look to my trusty resources.


This stawberry rhubarb pie is by far the most attractive pie I have ever made. 

Baking Go-Tos:

Minimalist Baker is vegan but I love her style. She does not post any recipe that has a lot of ingredients or can be remotely connected with the word complicated. Thank goodness!


Girl versus Dough’s blog is an awesome resource for both staple recipes and more adventurous forays. Her sourdough recipe is my fave!


The Kitchn is my number website for baking and cooking. Their recipes always provide a lot of instruction that’s aimed at the beginner. Whether I’ve made a similar recipe before or not, I appreciate the very plain-spoken, foundational steps.


Canning Go-Tos:

With canning, you need to really trust your sources. For example, I’ve found a lot of recipes for canning pumpkin butter but if you go on USDA’s website, they state that it is unsafe to can pumpkin better. You see what I mean?

A Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is a great website and book for canning (along with other domestic things). I was fortunate enough to take part in Kate’s fruit butter canning class in Austin which gave me the confidence to make our apple butter wedding favors last year.


Food in Jars is very reliable and has a great selection of recipes. Some may be too adventurous for you (me too!) but after making her peach jam, I totally trust her judgement.


Ball Jars website has a good list of basic recipes. It may seem boring but for the beginner, it’s probably all you need.


When in doubt you can always refer to USDA Canning Guide.

Pinterest: For me wanting to do a lot of DIY requires a lot of time on Pinterest (it’s research, not an addition). These are the Pinterest Boards I’ve created to sort my edible projects and adventures.

Eating is My Number One Hobby: It’s true.

Make Ahead Cooking: For your crockpot and freezer meal exploration

Breakfast is Best!: This is by far my favorite meal of the day.

Party Foods!: I love to host!

Boozin’: Clearly a very important board

Breads, Sweets and Treats: Sometimes the lines between breads, sweets and treats get blurred so let’s just mix them up.

Happy baking and creating!


Pinterest: Gift or Curse?

Oh cruel temptress. You inspire me and torture me. You inspire me with recipes and crafts to try and then torture me when I can absolutely not complete them.

jewelry box

The Pinterest inspiration


My own jewelry boxes that I made for my nieces last Christmas


The inside of the jewelry boxes

photo (16)

Best picture of anything I’ve made. Look at this little adorable Olivia enjoying her hat!


Semi-successful picture to wood transfer Christmas gift


It had a lot more of the worn look than I was expecting but it was still pretty fun.

If you’re looking for your own Pinterest inspiration check out:

Ardent Camper

Self-described “nerds who love the outdoors and exploration,” these two have recently purchased a RV and are hitting the road full time in the coming months. Look to their Pinterest boards for inspiration for places to visit and ways to deck out your RV!

Broke-Ass Bride

“Using creativity as currency to rock a bad-ass wedding (and life!) without breaking the bank.”

While I followed and enjoyed a lot of wedding inspiration blogs but this is the only one that I felt was reasonable, fun and that my style really related to.

Karen Johnson

Karen is a coworker of mine and I love her Pinterest boards. If you like knitting/crochet patterns, healthy recipes or DIY natural remedies, you should follow her too.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

I have three dream jobs. I fantasize about each of them in waves. Sometimes I’m really into one of them. Other times I’m obsessed with another. I would accept all three at the same time!

Successful Novelist:


Not just any novelist. I still want to be any novelist but to have it be my only job I’ll need to be successful. I want to write empowering books. The kind of book that makes you believe in love and the kindness in the world despite all the terribleness out there. A book where the characters feel real and you can relate to them and no one saves anyone. This doesn’t make me sound very literary. I don’t have high hopes of writing a novel that makes you question your existence or the existence of God or really changes your life. I want to write a book that you read curled up in a big armchair with a cup of tea or a glass of wine near your fireplace.

Crafting Queen:


I don’t actually know a great title for this dream job. It would involve a lot of creativity, Pinterest and Etsy. I love to make crafts, knit, sew and so on. If I could make a living out of doing any of these things I would love life. Currently I’m not actually good enough at any of these things to charge for them. One day…

Bed & Breakfast Owner:


I’m sure I’ll be able to purchase a bed and breakfast like this one in no time…

The places I’ve stayed while traveling have been a huge influence on me. A great place to stay really shapes your trip. When I was in Australia the hostel environments, cleanliness, and location often were a huge factor on how much I liked a particular city or area. My dream bed and breakfast is somewhere quiet but convenient. It has lower rates so that even young travelers might be able to afford it. It has a big wide porch and a garden that I use for the breakfast. The rooms aren’t kitschy or themed. They’re comfortable and clean. In the evenings guests like to sit on the front porch and drink wine. We meet people from all over the world and hear their stories.

I think I would also be happy just making pies, if that’s an option.


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

At least I hope so since I haven’t posted in weeks. Here’s the scoop: I was sick as a dog for a couple weeks and now I’m deeply involved with a book, Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. So good- you should definitely read it! I also have a new hobby- Pinterest. I loved it before but now wedding planning has me on there daily. It’s like an obsession. Alaskan boy has mentioned several times that he is not a fan of my new hobby and has taken to calling our wedding “Buckingham Palace”. This is because I want tablecloths, by the way, and other similar items.

Other new stories hot off the press:

I’m so sunburned from my Saturday bike ride in Taylor from short line to sock line. I look like a true cyclist… who is also a lobster. On a positive note I’ve raised over $1100 for the National MS Society! I’m hoping to hit $1500 this year so if you’re interested in donating, it’s not too late! Check out my fundraising page here.

After almost three years of riding in toe cages, I’ve finally moved up to clipping in. That’s right, I’m fully dorked out now with spandex, bike shoes and all. Currently my left foot must stay attached to the bike once initially clipped in. It’s a miracle if I can clip in and out more than once in a ride.

Alaskan boy is headed back to Alaska in two weeks so I’m preparing to stock up on ice cream and start watching the most recent season of Vampire Diaries. Why yes, this is how I enjoy my alone time. It is very strange to know that when he comes back in the fall, we’ll get married. I’m still getting used to wearing my engagement ring. I think it makes my hand look older because I’m used to seeing the ring on my mom’s hand or my Nene’s. And regardless of that the ring feels very mature compared to anything I’ve worn before. Does this mean I’m supposed to be mature now? Yikes!

Sorry for the boring post. I promise to do better next time. In the meantime, let me leave you with this awesome excitement.

April 6th y’all.


DIY Hipster

Once someone called me a DIY Hipster. I don’t know if this is true but I thought of it when I wrote this blog post:

Now that Christmas is over, I want to share with you some of the cutie homemade gifts people received during the holidays. I was not quite the DIY queen I wanted to be but I think I did pretty well.

My boss received several homemade treats:

Hot Chocolate Truffle Balls for the kiddos (made with dark chocolate so might not be sweet enough for all taste buds)

Apple Pie Bourbon (Alaskan boy loved being the taste tester for this one!)

Habanero Vodka- there’s no freaking way I could ever enjoy drinking something like this but my boss is all about spicy. I got her ginger beer and a lemon to go with it so she could make spicy Moscow Mules.

Four lovely ladies in my family received scarves for Christmas. Let’s hope they actually like them. I only have a photo of one to share.  I’ve made probably seven scarves since Karen taught me how. I’m like a scarf making machine.


This one ended up being for my sister. It was my first scarf!

Two cutie little girls received handpainted jewelry boxes. I bought cheap wooden jewelry boxes from Hobby Lobby and painted them white. On the top I painted their initial in fancy letters. On the inside I made little rolls of stuffing covered in pink polka dot fabric to put their earrings and such on top of. I filled it with earrings and little hair bows. I was going to make the hair bows and maybe some bobby pins with cute stuff hot glued on the ends but I ran out of steam.

Image Image

For several of my friends I transferred photos from a wedding we all went to onto painted wooden plaques. Those turned out pretty nice, very vintage-y and weathered looking. The only shame was that sometimes the weathered look was right over people’s faces. I think it was a successful gift nonetheless.


Hopefully I can keep this up. Making the presents was so much more fun than anything else I could have done.