Beer Tour of Wilmington: Fermental

I had heard about Fermental since I moved to Wilmington but I rarely venture past the downtown or midtown area here. With Hey Beer and Bombers within a few minutes of my house, I didn’t feel much reason to venture out down Market that far.


That seems to have most definitely been a mistake. Now that I’ve visited the adorable house-turned-store once I’ll have to go back. Inside the walls are lined with racks of wine and shelves of beer. There is no wall space being underutilized, no room not filled to its capacity. You walk from room to room, each leading into the other, in constant surprise at how many delicious treasures a small room can hold.


FullSizeRender (1)

We visited this weekend during Fermental’s third anniversary. It was an incredible celebration with what seemed to be at least twelve rotating taps at any one time. We had the opportunity to try several beers between the three of us.


Now I’m going to have to go back because between the Catch foodtruck, trying beers and the live music I didn’t have a chance to purchase wine ice cream or hop chocolate. What??




48 Hours in Todd, NC

You don’t know Todd is? That is really shocking. It’s only a bustling community of approximately 2,000 people. To be honest, I really question Wikipedia for saying there’s 2000 people there. Even the general store is closed up and for sale.

I’m not painting a very good picture here. Todd is just off 421 right outside of Boone in western North Carolina. You don’t visit Todd to go somewhere, you go to Todd to just be. For my Christmas present and our Valentine’s weekend Tyler booked us a little cabin just past Todd. I have to admit, as excited as I was to spend the weekend in the mountains I was pretty hesitant about this trip. February is not my ideal time to go to a snowy, hard to traverse area. I’m not equipped to hike in snow.


Luckily snowy roads are a lot easier to travel when you’re driving a full size truck instead of a Honda hatchback. Also, fresh snow + cozy cabin + puppy dog + books – cell service is exactly what the doctor ordered. Even when we were in Belize, we had wifi. I don’t know the last time I couldn’t use my phone, the internet or watch TV. The only radio station we could get was a public radio station from Bristol, TN that played awesome bluegrass music.

So apparently there’s one store in Todd but it’s closed on Sundays so don’t try to go then (whoops). I highly recommend going to Boone but we were too busy drinking fancy beer and walking in the snow.


Take a mini-vacation y’all. You deserve it.

Living in Vacation Land

This weekend I attempted stand up paddle boarding for the first time solo. Tyler set me up on a board from the marina he works at and sent me on my way with the guess that there was an 80% chance I would end up accidentally in the water. Rude.

Early in the morning is the best time to paddle around Wrightsville Beach. There are still too many boats but once I got off the Inter-coastal Waterway there was a stretch where I was all on my own. At first I was preoccupied with how I didn’t seem to be moving anywhere and how my legs kept shaking from trying to keep my balance. Finally I noticed how quiet it was. I couldn’t hear anyone talking or boats passing. It was just the sounds of water, birds and my oar ineffectively gliding through the water.

Okay, so I'm not that bad ass... but I do remain standing!

Okay, so I’m not that bad ass… but I do remain standing!

As I looked out over the houses and boaters I could see in the distance, I realized when you cross the drawbridge you enter the heart of vacation land. It’s a world where people are constantly saying things like “Who cares, we’re on vacation!” when referring to activities like drinking alcohol with breakfast and eating multiple doughnuts.


I don’t understand how anyone actually lives in Wrightsville Beach (unless they’re independently wealthy). How could you get up in the morning, iron your work clothes and head to real life with everyone vacationing around you? Each time I spend quality time at the beach sitting on the sand, cruising the waters on a boat or paddling around the sense of total abandon is strong. Nothing else matters. But when you cross the drawbridge you feel yourself cross the barrier. You’re back in real life now. Traveling home from your vacation may only take 15 minutes but you lose all that freedom and remember only the chores that await you at home.

Oh vacation land, how did we live without you before?