The New Girl


Oh, if only I was Zooey Deschanel. I don’t have fantastic bangs or a beautiful voice but I am the new girl here. It’s been four years since I’ve been brand new to a place and I pretty much hate it. The being new that is, not the place. It is unavoidable that part of the time a new person will feel: left out, lost (literally or figuratively), lonely, and tired of the overall feeling of “I have no idea”. I have no idea what that person’s name is (even though they seem to know mine). I have no idea where that place is that you’re talking about. I have no idea what I do at my job (well, I think I might now). I have no idea if I have any questions. I probably do have some but I’m too lost to think of them now. These are feelings I really hate. I don’t necessarily handle them with grace and in the last couple weeks I have certainly felt their strain.

There are enormous bright sides to being new though. Just taking a different way home from work is like an adventure. You see new shops and restaurants that you are excited to try almost all the time. When people find out you’re new they actually want to know where you’re from, why you moved here, and welcome you. The South is still as welcoming as ever. Saturday I had three wonderful conversations welcoming me to the city at two different stores. Two people in an arts store talked to me for almost half an hour about neat places to check out in the city. Best news yet? They even told me about a knitting circle. Thank goodness!!




Yes, searching for knitting memes was the highlight of my evening….


DIY Hipster

Once someone called me a DIY Hipster. I don’t know if this is true but I thought of it when I wrote this blog post:

Now that Christmas is over, I want to share with you some of the cutie homemade gifts people received during the holidays. I was not quite the DIY queen I wanted to be but I think I did pretty well.

My boss received several homemade treats:

Hot Chocolate Truffle Balls for the kiddos (made with dark chocolate so might not be sweet enough for all taste buds)

Apple Pie Bourbon (Alaskan boy loved being the taste tester for this one!)

Habanero Vodka- there’s no freaking way I could ever enjoy drinking something like this but my boss is all about spicy. I got her ginger beer and a lemon to go with it so she could make spicy Moscow Mules.

Four lovely ladies in my family received scarves for Christmas. Let’s hope they actually like them. I only have a photo of one to share.  I’ve made probably seven scarves since Karen taught me how. I’m like a scarf making machine.


This one ended up being for my sister. It was my first scarf!

Two cutie little girls received handpainted jewelry boxes. I bought cheap wooden jewelry boxes from Hobby Lobby and painted them white. On the top I painted their initial in fancy letters. On the inside I made little rolls of stuffing covered in pink polka dot fabric to put their earrings and such on top of. I filled it with earrings and little hair bows. I was going to make the hair bows and maybe some bobby pins with cute stuff hot glued on the ends but I ran out of steam.

Image Image

For several of my friends I transferred photos from a wedding we all went to onto painted wooden plaques. Those turned out pretty nice, very vintage-y and weathered looking. The only shame was that sometimes the weathered look was right over people’s faces. I think it was a successful gift nonetheless.


Hopefully I can keep this up. Making the presents was so much more fun than anything else I could have done.

Knitting Frenzy

Check it out: Knitting Frenzy

Last spring one of my coworkers and I started knitting once a week on our lunch break. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but Karen has patiently taught me the basics of knitting. Since then I’ve been in a scarf making fury! Next up hats and then who knows! But Karen, who has been knitting for a long time, has finally been convinced to start selling some of her wares. She’s started with adorable baby booties. A lot of love and time has gone into these! If you have any little ones in your life (don’t forget Christmas is almost here!) then keep her in mind!