Love & Mercy

It’s not very often I can get my husband to go to the movies with me so I was super excited when he not only agreed to go see Love & Mercy at Cinematique at Thalian Hall last week but also go for tacos before hand. Double win! Tacos and Beach Boys? Yes, please!

Love this beautiful theater!

Love this beautiful theater!

I grew up listening to the Beach Boys a lot. There are one of my dad’s favorite bands and the radio always got cranked up when one of their songs came on. I can see him in the kitchen, getting burgers ready for the grill, drinking a Sam Adams in his frosty beer stein, yelling “Oh, Katharine! Turn this one up!” I would run down the hallway to his bedroom and turn the volume dial on his stereo system (one of his great sources of pride and joy). I’d hurry back to the kitchen to see him singing along and we might dance for a few moments, attempting swing dancing. These memories of Sunday nights when my dad always mowed the lawn and grilled in the backyard with the Oldies radio station turned high are the ones I treasure most.

Grown up Father-Daughter Dancing

Grown up Father-Daughter Dancing

Despite my ability to sing along to many Beach Boys songs, I have always fallen short in my knowledge of the group. Let’s be honest, music trivia isn’t really my strong suit. It’s impressive when I’m able to listen to song that I know very well and identify it. Regardless I knew very little of Brian Wilson’s interesting story.

I found the movie really well done. It did focus on the parts of his life that are more dramatic. It touched very little on his first wife and his children which I would have liked to know more about. It also skimmed over the period in his life when he completely broke down and focused more on the aftermath. But maybe those moments are better for another medium than this movie.

What I loved was the significant chunk of the movie that was devoted to watching him create Pet Sounds. It was awesome to see how he worked and the way he was able to bring so many elements together. I bought that album sometime after college in a period where I was trying to expand my horizons. I wanted to be cooler and I thought becoming familiar with key American musical masterpieces would be beneficial. I remember being amazed at how different the album was and how much I liked it more than anything else I’d heard by the Beach Boys.

Last year one of the songs earned a special place in my heart when it became our first dance song at our wedding.

Every since we watched the move last week, I’ve had this song on repeat. Can’t stop, won’t stop! (I’m listening to the Beach Boys right now actually…)

Highlights of My Weekend

  • Had a lovely calm evening on Friday where I got to have along, much needed phone chat with my sweetheart.
  • Getting to see dear friend and old roommate, Ben, and wish him congrats! on his college graduation.
  • Dancing (although not exactly two-stepping) with an over the top dancer at the White Horse on Saturday. No one has danced with me like that since Gero left for Germany and I got to tell you, it’s pretty fantastic! It involved alot of being lifted up and spun around. Pretty great!


  • A brunch complete with clothing swap!
  • Sunday afternoon at Barton Springs. There’s really no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
  • Fast and the Furious 6. I know! It’s embarrassing but in case you were interested I’ll tell you: this movie is all that would expect. And more. You’ll laugh when you’re supposed to laugh. You’ll laugh when you’re supposed to cry. You’ll leave energized and have a dance party by yourself in your apartment at 1 am. On a scale of 1-10 how bad is it that I’m currently thinking of re-watching the old ones? Never mind, don’t tell me. Embarrassing guilty pleasures die hard. Fast and The Furious 6 Trailer
  • A chat with my girl, Nelli. Sometimes, all you need in the world is to talk to someone who really knows you. Someone you can pick up a conversation with as if you’ve never been apart.  I can’t remember now how many years it’s been since I’ve seen her last- 3? 4 years? Our talks are never as frequent as I’d like but each one is always special and gives me an extra burst of hope and joy for the world.


This is what I think of when I think of Nelli and I. Dancing, just us.

Happy Australia Day!!

Next to the Fourth of July, this is one of my favorite holidays. I first got learned about Australia Day when I lived in Scotland. My new Aussie friends, a myriad of others and I went to Walkabout in Glasgow to drink lots and join in the celebration of Australia. When I lived in Australia I got the full experience. There was lawn bowling,

a lot of sausage,

Excessive drinking

And listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100! This is just one of the best parts of Australia Day! I’ve been listening to the replay at work in bits and pieces. Check it out!

As good days do, our Australia Day ended with beers, kebabs, and dancing!

Oldies Night? Be Still My Heart.

Growing up ever Sunday night my dad set up the grill in the backyard. He and my mom cracked open ice cold beers. The oldies station got cranked up all the way (thank you Oldies 93.1, R.I.P) for the Sunday night beach music. (If you’re not familiar with beach music visit the Carolinas and learn to shag– that’s dancing, by the way. Someone’s mind is the gutter, geez. Prime examples are The Tams or General Johnson and the Chairman of the Board.) These memories are golden to me. It was a night when everyone felt happy to be together no matter what was going on.

Sunday night was only the best of the seven nights a week we listened to the Oldies station. I didn’t know there was other music until I was exposed to Alanis Morsette and the Spice Girls in the fifth grade. As a result my love for Oldies runs deep.

This is where my Thursday night experience at Barbarella’s comes in. This is my new fave spot for Thursdays. Nothing gets me like smoke machines, liquor, sweaty crazy dancin’ folk and non-stop music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Thank you Barbarella’s, that was well worth the bicycle injury I suffered to get there. I’ll be seeing you again.