Austin/Texas Bucket List

I spent my morning yesterday getting caught up on Ardent Camper’s blog. I love hearing about all their preparation to hit the road in an RV traveling the country. What an inspiration! I really enjoyed reading about Marie’s Bucket List Hikes which include two that are at the top of my list: Appalachian Trial and Pacific Crest Trail. I’m not the avid hiker she is though so it’s going to take a little prep on my part!

It got me thinking about my Texas Bucket List and the things I’d still like to do and the things I just did not get to accomplish while I was here.

Austin/Texas Bucket List:

1. Go to Big Bend National Park

2. In conjunction with number 1 I would have liked to also explore Marfa.

3. Paddle the Real Camino Trail


Photo Credit: Rising Phoenix Adventures

4. Visit Austin Beerworks


5. Take in a show at the Moody Theatre/ACL Live.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

6. Tour Blue Bell Factory in Brenham



7. Visit the Painted Churches in Schulenburg

8. Check out the LBJ Museum.

LBJ Presidential Library & Museum, Austin, Texas

Some of these things I can still work in but there’s some I’m just going to have to come for. Oh darn.

Bucket List!

One of my coworkers has an Austin Bucket List. She realized after living in Austin for two years that she hadn’t done half the cool things to do here, hadn’t eaten in a lot of the restaurants she wanted to try, drank in the bars and so on. So she started a list of all the places she wanted to visit and try. Recently she shared this list with me. I’ve been adding to it myself and crossed some of hers off.

Together we’ve been trying to cross something off every two weeks. The first item we crossed off was Sway, a new Thai restaurant on S. 1st st. Delicious! She gave it a 8 and I gave it a 7.5 for feeling just a tad bit pretentious. 7.5 is still pretty good though. We shared a Pad Thai that was fantastic as well as a Nashi Pear Chicken Stir Fry. Oh yeah. Melt in your mouth.

Last night we went to Max’s Wine Dive where I got the biggest sandwich I have ever seen. It was like a BLT but with 3 fried eggs and garlic truffle aioli too! It came with homemade chips covered in finely grated cheese and fresh chives. Stupid good. I gave it an 8. Points deducted for being impossible to park near and the food being pretty slow to come out. Our server; however, deserves a 10 on her own and she was incredibly helpful in choosing both our meals and our wines. She was also pleasant and adorable.

This is the shirt our server was wearing. Pretty awesome!

This is the shirt our server was wearing. Pretty awesome!

I also crossed a couple of my own items off the list this weekend during Map Jam. Akina Adderley and the Vintage Playboys was a group I’d always wanted to see. Victory Grill on 11th St. was a venue I’d always wanted to go to.
It’s incredibly satisfying to get to cross all these off my list.
This weekend I’m going to visit my mom and her side of the family in Oklahoma so there won’t be much time for exploration but Alaskan boy is coming with and we’re going camping one night on the way back! Yay!
Here’s a sampling of what the list looks like:
Austin Beerworks Brewery
The Driskill Bar
Papa Tino’s
Franklin’s BBQ
Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill
McKinney Falls
Hamilton Pool
The Backyard