Bring it 2013!

It’s been a little while since I last wrote. Let’s be honest, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been avoiding you. I could blame it on the holidays (went great, thanks for asking), the boy, apartment hunting (finally ended today) or my oh-so-hectic social life (LIE!) but the truth is I’ve felt like I have nothing worth saying.You know that moment when you put pen to paper or you rest your fingers on the keys and you think,“Nope. Nothing there. I have nothing to say.”
PULL IT TOGETHER, SELF! It’s blogging. People bullshit through blogs all day. I’ll do my best.
Let me tell you about 2012 and all I accomplished.
1. None of 2012 goals which were:
a. Develop 5 creative writing pieces and submit them to magazines
b. Take Spanish classes
c. Take business classes –learn to make a business plan
2. Changed jobs at the same company twice:
a. Research Project Administrator-a role I didn’t really enjoy but love, love, loved the team I worked on.
b. Human Resources Coordinator- a role I really like although I wish I was learning more. One thing at a time! It’s lonely only working with my manager but I really like her so I think it’s for the best.
3. Moved to this awesome apartment with a view of the Austin capital. It’s older, big and beautiful. And I’ll be moving again at the end of the month. My roommate’s getting married. Married people, you’re ruining my life.
I hate moving. Shoot me now. Anyone want to buy a couch?
4. I rode in the MS150 which is a bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise money for MS. I’m doing it again in 2013. Unfortunate side effects of this ride:
a. I got in way better shape than I have ever been in thus raising the bar for me.
b. I then stopped exercising after the MS150 and gained all the weight back plus some.
c. I now have to do it all over again. All I can think about is how cold it is (Texas cold = 50F) so I don’t want to exercise. But riding 166 miles is hard and I should really buck up and get on a bike. Like right now. I want to be like this:
This could be me.

This could be me.

Because I was entirely unable to accomplish a single goal for 2012, I feel it would be ridiculous to set any 2013 goals. So come on 2013! I have no focus or purpose- bring me whatever you got!

Valentine’s Day 2012

The only time I ever had a date on Valentine’s day, I was 17 years old. My boyfriend and I had broken up only a few weeks before and I was fairly devastated. But in true let’s pretend like I don’t really care fashion, I was talked into a first date on Vday with Charles. Charles was a sweetheart. He was a year younger, smoked cigarettes and played in a god awful metal band. He had long brown hair that shone in the stage lights as he head banged along to the music. When BFF Katie suggested a double date with her guy that she slept with sometimes, I said why not? Over slices at Burke Street Pizza, we had awkward mildly forced but not entirely unpleasant conversation. Afterwards we ran into folks at the hippest of high school spots, Borders. Here we saw the recent ex-boyfriend with his date. I spent the rest of the night staring creepily and longingly in their direction. Although Charles was a genuinely awesome dude, things obviously did not work out. And this for 8 years was my only Valentine’s Day experience that involved a member of the opposite sex.

This Valentine’s day, someone is actually planning something for me. And he won’t tell me what it is. I’m trying not to get too excited since my fella isn’t exactly the king of romance, but the idea that he’s actually putting thought into it is pretty awesome.

This year, I won’t dress in black. This year I won’t feel wistful. This year I’m probably going to get laid (if I play my cards right). This year I’m going to spend the evening with someone who loves me. I’m a little bit ridiculously excited.