22 Things Women Should Be Required To Do

I like this. Some of these things are very hard to keep in mind, but definitely make all the difference.

Thought Catalog

1. Learn that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a “girl’s girl,” and in fact it’s a wonderful thing, and there is no pride to be taken in “not getting along with girls.”

2. Stop brushing off your entire gender by labeling women as “catty bitches.”

3. Stop projecting your personal preferences when it comes to sexuality and femininity onto other women who are not even remotely interested in buying into it.

4. Accept that a woman can fit a perfect description of what society wants them to look like or do, without somehow “betraying” themselves or women as a whole.

5. Appreciate that we all have our own ideas of happiness and success, and sometimes that looks like something out of the ’50s.

6. Stop reinforcing the kinds of names men will call us by calling other women the same thing.

7. Reject the idea that you should…

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