13 Ways To Process Your Grief Over What Happened In Texas

Here’s a great post on dealing with the incredible frustration you may be experiencing over Texas’s new anti-abortion law. My favorite part about this post? When a video that Silas Lowe made surprised me as #10 on this list. Check it out!

Thought Catalog

If you don’t know already, this happened:

Hashtag bummed? Here’s some tips to help you get through, Mandy Moore-style. This is what happens now.

1. First, Question Everything.

Remember David After Dentist? This phase is kind of like that.

2. Start Spontaneously Crying.

If you have to be devastated about the state of our country, it’s best if you do it over a tub of ice cream though.

3. Binge watch Friday Night Lights.

Isn’t Texas so much better on television?

4. Mass Text All Your Friends With Hyperbolic Apocalyptic Messages.

If you need some suggestions, check out io9’s list of the best end-of-the-world signs. My suggestion is to keep it simple: “THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH.”

5. Shop for Apartments in Canada.

However, know that those Toronto prices are pretty steep and fleeing the country isn’t what it used to be. Stupid NSA and all.

6. Relax…

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