What Your 90s Crush Says About You

Highly enjoyed this look back at all my 90s favorite characters!

Thought Catalog

Brandon Walsh

At some point you ran a somewhat popular social justice blog. You have volunteered for a political campaign and enjoy commenting on news articles on your city newspaper’s website or writing letters to the editor. You have short hair and insist that your name be pronounced a specific (and non-intuitive) way.

Zack Morris

You are an extrovert and have a lot of friends. It’s hard for you to take your eyes off your smartphone. Your current partner definitely knows how to hustle.

Angela Chase

You were the friend that people had to inform of social truths everyone else just knew. You are currently a writer or a graphic designer. You’ve read a lot of Chuck Klosterman and think you’ll become a travel writer one day.

Joey Potter

You were the very first person in your friend group to achieve life milestones like getting married, having a kid and…

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